Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Review

Oh. My. Gosh.

The looooooooooooongest weekend ever.

About 10 hours of sleep for the whole thing.

Don't care if I never see another airplane again (certainly not with my daughter on my lap by myself). Although I did record her talking loudly to the airplanes while waiting at the terminal gate. I'm sure it will be very funny.....MUCH later.

Had a couple brushes with death as my husband's Papa drove us back from the airport to the church. SCARY.

Made several notes for future romantic comedy featuring a wedding weekend where nothing goes according to plan, everything is delayed/late, there are lots of mosquitoes, an impending tropical storm, and the heroine doesn't get to eat any meal. Again, I'm sure this will be very funny....MUCH later.

For to recover. Forgive me if I'm absent from your blogs today. Will be back on later, hopefully!

Q4U: Have you ever been a part of a wedding weekend to remember...or forget?

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Kristen Torres-Toro @ Write in the Way said...

Ooy! Definitely have! Still trying to forget! I hope you get a lot of rest! I'm glad you survived!

Jessica said...

Kind of. I was the maid of honor for my best friend and both days I had a seriously killer migraine. It was so hard to have fun, and the worst part was that I was newly pregnant so I couldn't take much medicine.

I'm so sorry! But glad you're there safe. Hope you have fun! ;-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I was a bridesmaid once and was so sick standing there that I had to gracefully back out of the church and run to the bathroom so I could throw up. Then gracefully come back like nothing happened. What a day.

Keli Gwyn said...

I'm glad you survived your trip, the flight and the drive home. Sounds like you got a great story idea out of the experience. Cool.

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Glad to hear you all returned home safe and healthy!

I do recall one of those wedding weekends and rather not remember the bitter cold rain for days, the bride going nuts over everything and wanting to slip her a couple of valium, family members not speaking to each other for reasons unknown to mankind and other undelightful events. A male member of the wedding party got his thumb shut in a car door and went beserk with pain. Other than that, it was a wonderful, memorable wedding weekend ending with long delay flight home!

Katie Ganshert said...

Yikes! Traveling with little ones can be one giant headache!

Dude - get your tush over to Rachelle Garnder's blog and check out her blog contest. This is right up your alley. You should pitch your character therapy!

Dawn VanderMeer said...

I like your romantic comedy idea! I'm glad it's behind you, and I'm sure you'll laugh about it (as you said, MUCH later).

Danyelle said...

*hugs* Hope you get feeling better. :D

Jody Hedlund said...

Hope you can recouperate! At least you got to do research for future novels! :)

Tabitha Bird said...

LOL, daughter on lap and never wanting to see a plane again. I so feel your pain!

Hope you have time to rest :)

Jill Kemerer said...

I'm so glad you're back and safe. How did Cookie survive the trip?

Tara said...

I'm glad that you survived. Can't say that I've been part of a crazy wedding, but there's hope--my sister is still single. :]