Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been thinking about my tagline, and as promised, I've returned with some suggestions.

Since psychology and counseling is all about relationships and emotions within those relationships (this about the truth of this statement), maybe my tagline should have something to do with emotions.

I feel at a disadvantage, because my specialty as a counselor is mental disorders. It's what will set me apart from other Christian fiction writers. (at least I like to think so.) But who wants to read a tag about mental disorders? Or the psyche? So negative sounding.

What about this?

"Where Emotions - and Romance - Run Deep."

I thought about adding something about humor, but couldn't figure out where to put it so it didn't sound a) trite or b) like an afterthought. "Where Emotions - and Romance - Run Humorously Deep." It could be a bit off-putting to some - especially those who really suffer from the mental disorders mentioned. Wowzer. And isn't "humorously deep," like, an oxymoron?

Here are some others.

"Romance You Can Relate To."
(Catchy. Ends in a preposition, though....eww.)

"Where Romance, Laughter and Therapy Intersect."

(Too much emphasis on humor?)

"Therapeutically Funny Romance."

(I rather like this one now that I've actually typed it out. Maybe I should just drop the "funny" part altogether?)

"Where Romance Meets Therapy."

(Ooh! I like this one a lot, too!)

What do you think?