Monday, February 16, 2009

Chapter Two Switcheroo

Okay...I was just reading over on Camy Tang's Story Sensei blog about writing your first page. (Read her post here.) AMAZING. What struck me was James Scott Bell's technique of switching your second chapter for the first chapter (with obvious tweaks needed to set the story and characters up). I had a crit partner actually suggest something similar, and I took her up on it - just to see if I woud like it. And I do! I think I was hitting my reader with too much backstory too soon...and now I really like the feel of my beginning.

Heck yeah. Love it when it comes together! So thanks to Camy and James Scott Bell!


Katie said...

Love your blog Jeannie. I checked out Camy Tang's - I'm going to add her to my favorites. Very insightful stuff!