Friday, February 27, 2009

Late Nights

I've been spending several late nights in a row working on my WIP...and of course, feeling the effects throughout the next day. But it's the only time I have to really work on my book, since the baby is asleep starting around 8 or 8:30. So usually I can get in about 3 good hours, but just pay for it later.

I'm asking myself if its worth it. If I'm so tired, will what I'm producing be better than what I would produce when well-rested? But then when would I find the time to write if I actually am well-rested? See the quandary? And this isn't even counting doing crits for other people and correcting crits I receive.

Yikes. But I can't stop at night when I'm writing a killer scene (at least, I think so). I have to finish it, or I'd not sleep well the few remaining hours that I have. I'd just toss and turn about what I could have written.

So for now, I'm going to adjust to less sleep, more writing time. I think it's worth it in the end for my psychological health.


Katie said...

I'm the opposite of you - instead of staying up late, I get up super early (to the detriment of my sleep - I think my record was 3:30 AM). But it's the only time I can write! And like you, I must write or my brain would explode. I have a question for you... how do you get to bed after writing an intense scene? I get such an adrenaline rush when I write a killer scene, that I don't think I'd be able to go to sleep! My husband thinks its funny. But honestly, the times I've written late at night, I can never go to bed afterward. I lie in bed thinking about my writing. We are a weird bunch of people, aren't we? Writers have to be half-insane, I think. :)