Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crit Groups

I'm in a crit group through ACFW comprised of 5 other individuals and myself. I'm having to edit between 50-60 pages every other week and around 30-40 pages every other week (on the week I submit). And I'm finding that this takes away from the precious little time I have to work on my own stuff! I feel obligated to edit and crit the other's work, of course. I also want to participate in the spirit of the crit group, as well as get an idea of what it's like to write/edit for a deadline, which is good practice. But in my writer's dreamlife, I'd have all this TIME to write and edit my own stuff and edit everyone else's. It's just not happening! Swamped doesn't begin to describe my thoughts. But I know crit groups are the way to go...so I'll plunge ahead and hope the schedule starts to sink in and become more routine.

On top of that, my new friend and fellow-writer, Katie Ganshert, and I will be swapping material soon to edit each other's work, as we have a lot in common in life - we figure this will transfer to the written page, as well. But we've already decided to be a bit more lax in our time requirements, as she also is in an ACFW crit group. Aren't we two peas in a pod, Katie? =)


Katie said...

I'm SO excited about your stuff, Jeannie. And we are definitely two peas in a pod. I resignate with your post - I am feeling swamped as well. Even my husband has commented "You are critiquing again? When do you write?" I think there is a definite balance that needs to be struck! I've read the first page of your stuff and I'm really enjoying it! YEA! Wouldn't that just be awesome if we helped each other place in the Genesis contest!! I'm rooting for you, buddy! (my use of exclamation points is a wee bit ridiculous)