Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reworked Paragraph Summary

Okay. After some "complaints" from family and friends about the run-on nature of the sentences, I've reworked the paragraph. I don't suppose it will kill me to break the 5-sentence rule and have TWO sentences of set-up. So here is the revised paragraph:

Social worker Kathy Burgess was stripped of her self-confidence, trust in men and faith in a kind God when she was raped two years ago, resulting in her diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. She moves to California to start her life over and returns to the career field she had unwillingly left in Alabama. Kathy overestimates how far along in her recovery she is when she suffers a crippling flashback of her rape that raises doubts of her competency from handsome attorney Joshua Brandon, whose client is on Kathy's caseload. As Kathy seeks to prove herself to Joshua and her supervisor, her jilting fiancé unexpectedly returns on scene, throwing Kathy's emotions into a tailspin. Just as she thinks she's got a handle on the matters of the heart, her mind's biggest fear of being attacked again almost becomes a reality. Will Kathy sink further into her mental disorder or rise above it with a Strength other than her own?

Author Mary DeMuth will be critiquing this paragraph on her blog, So You Want To Be Published, on March 6th. Stay tuned, as I will reproduce her critique here.

On another note, agent Janet Grant with Books and Such Literary Agency responded to one of my questions I posted on the Books and Such blog. Check it out.