Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paragraph Summation

The next step in the Snowflake Method (mentioned in previous post; method developed by Randy Ingermanson) is to take another hour (or more) to develop a paragraph summation that describes the book's setup, major disasters and ending of the novel. Ideally the paragraph should have about five sentences. One sentence gives the backdrop/setup, a sentence for each disaster, and one sentence to tell the ending of the novel. Randy wrote that if this sounds suspiciously like "back-cover copy," that's because it is.

So, I'll get to work.

After being raped two years ago stripped social worker Kathy Burgess of her self-confidence, trust in men and faith in a kind God, she moves across country to start her life over, returning to the career field she had unwillingly left due to her post-traumatic stress disorder. Kathy overestimates how far along in her recovery she is when she suffers a crippling rape flashback that raises doubts of her capabilities from handsome attorney Joshua Brandon, who has a client on Kathy's caseload. As Kathy seeks to prove herself to Joshua and her supervisor, her jilting fiancé unexpectedly returns to the scene, throwing Kathy's emotions into a tailspin. Just as she thinks she's got a handle on the matters of the heart, her mind's biggest fear of being attacked again almost becomes a reality. Will Kathy sink further into her mental disorder or rise above it with a Strength other than her own?