Saturday, March 14, 2009


Inspiration for writers is a fickle thing, I think. I get some of my absolutely best ideas when I'm not even trying to think about the. Like that last time this happened to me, I was outside walking the baby and talking to her about my WIP (b/c she's obviously very interested). Then again, today I was jogging and thought up a great idea for a plot! It has both the elements of stories I'm most interested in: romance and therapy!

Then I got to thinking if I've pigeonholed myself with these two elements. My current WIP is a suspense, but the ideas I have floating around in my head (which I'll write down later on tonight before bed in my idea journal) don't necessarily have to do with suspense - although that element could be worked in, I suppose. I kind of did that with my current WIP.

Anyway...cheers to the unexpected, un-sought-after ideas that Providence just springs upon you.


sherrinda said...

Jogging??? Bleh! I so need to exercise, but soooo hate it! Just another discipline that I run from! (pun intended!)