Thursday, March 19, 2009

Contest Mania

As posted before, I entered into the ACFW Genesis contest with my romantic suspense Blessed Beyond the Curse. But just a second ago, I also entered the Romance Writer's Association's Faith, Hope & Love chapter's contest for unpubbed authors called the Touched By Love contest (long name!). Here click here for the website. The deadline is April 1st, so it's right on the heels of ACFW's deadline of March 31st. And the mania continues! It's fun and exciting to put my stuff "out there" in the world of writing, agents and editors.

And my crit buddy just informed me of a free crit service by the Inspiration for Writers (click on name for website). They will crit the first 500 words (or first two pages) for free, as a sample to see if they would want to work with you and vice versa. Can't hurt...and it's free!

My first 15 pages of this book are going to be the most looked at pages of the entire thing. But that's how it goes.

Good luck to everyone entering everything! And let me know if you know of other contests!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

wow! this so cool! I didn't know you were a writer! That ROCKS! I will definitely be following your blog :)