Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Character that Just Won't Quit

I'm about 3/4 of the way done through Blessed Beyond the Curse. Great news, as I had hoped to have this finished before the ACFW Conference in September, but it's looking like I'll have it done by May.

But I have this problem.

I have a character that won't stay out of my head for a different novel. One I haven't even started yet! So I did my usual things: write about her in my idea notebook, figure out her quirks, what makes her tick, etc. Now I'm blogging about her, hoping to put her to rest, at least for the time being.

Because I don't need the distraction she presents! Part of me wants to click on "New Document" in Word and begin typing away at her story. Maybe I should start with her backstory, to at least get something down in a word processor?

It's sad. I'll be writing about Kathy and Josh (from Blessed) and then she turns up, demanding I pay her attention like a spoiled cat. I reprimand her and continue with my typing, but this happens a few times each time I really get going into a chapter.

So, please, Little Miss OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), now that you've gotten some face time on my blog, leave Mama OCD alone!


sherrinda said...

I can so relate to your dilema! I am writing a historial novel and keep having this new idea and character making me daydream instead of getting down to the business of finishing my book. I am getting so close and yet keep getting distracted!

Jeannie Campbell said...

ah, you feel my pain. at least i'm not alone. i wonder if this is anywhere close to what people with schizophrenia feel like. all these people inside us distracting us. interesting idea to maybe blog about later. :)

Bonnie Doran said...

I understand your frustration! I had a character in my current WIP that insisted she was a POV character. I had to downgrade her to a minor character. I hope she stays there because I already deleted her big chapter.

A character in another WIP just kept showing up, escaping, whatever. I even killed him and he wouldn't stay dead! Hey, who's the writer here, anyway?

Bonnie Doran

Ralene said...

ROFL...I am right there with ya'll. Only, I tend to go with whatever voice is loudest in my head. I was competing in a small writing frenzy earlier this month and was trudging away at my WIP. One morning I found myself stuck, unsure of where to go, so I started doing some cleaning around the house. Inspiration struck (as if often does when I clean), but it had absolutely nothing to do with my WIP. Instead I sat down and wrote out the first chapter of another novel. I have too many voices in my head that just won't be quiet. *big sigh*

T. Anne said...

I have characters do that all the time! I mostly appease them by writing everything I can about them. They seems satisfied with a new word file and a few sentences regarding their future. ;)

BTW, I'm an Occupational Therapist who used to work on a locked psych unit for over seven years. Just a small thread of commonality. :)