Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking Inspiration

I was out walking today, pushing my little girl in her stroller. Here of late I've had a walking buddy, but she had to get a haircut today, so I was by myself. My daughter is used to my friend and I chatting away, so I talked to her for a while...but one can only do this so long without response (she'll be one year in February). So I started thinking out loud about the current novel I'm working on.

Wham! In between a cow pasture and a old cemetery, I had the perfect romantic foil for my heroine! It was like a light bulb turning on! Of course, my daughter was asleep by this time, so she missed out on my epiphany this afternoon.

All that waits now is for me to get some uninterrupted writing time to actually type this into creation! I'm hoping that's on the agenda for this weekend.